Australian Almonds


Outstanding Australian Almonds

Grown in select estates known for their quality, our almonds are cultivated to perfection, ensuring optimal freshness and flavour. Our curation of unique flavoured almonds have been hand-selected for their individual quality, size and taste. With Orchard Valley, you’re treated to a gourmet selection that elevates snacking to new heights, making every bit a moment of pure indulgence.




Premium Estate-Grown Almonds with an exceptional blend of unique flavours
Australian Almond Kernels

The best of the best. This is where you get to understand NOT ALL ALMONDS ARE THE SAME. Exceptional Estate-grown supreme grade. Raw. Pure. Super. Natural. Enough said.

Australian Lemon Salted Almonds

Carefully roasted and seasoned, these almonds provide a refreshing burst of citrus with a satisfying crunch. Ideal for snacking or adding a zesty twist to your charcuterie board.

Australian Almonds Roasted

The goodness of our unique and exclusive supreme raw almonds. These are roasted with nothing but heat, they maintain all the goodness but create a more rich and crunchy flavour.

Australian Smoked Almonds

Our supreme quality almonds are used to create one of Australia's best loved flavours. With a smokey, rich flavour, they are a perfect snack and savoury treat to enjoy with friends.

Australian Chili Lime Almonds

Specially selected for consistency and size, these freshly harvested supreme grade almonds offer a truly unique flavour experience.

Australian Tamari Almonds

Our uniquely grown almonds are roasted in an organic tamari mixture that leaves a delicious soy sauce aftertaste. A full flavoured healthy snack, ideal for entertaining.

Australian Milk Chocolate Almonds

Generously coated in premium milk chocolate, our almonds are dry roasted with no additives.A great addition to any table dessert or enjoyed on their own.

All by Hand

All by hand