Orchard Valley Partnerships

We love opportunities to partner with like minded businesses that align with the Orchard Valley values. We feel that our nuts are the best in the land, far and wide, which is why we go in to any partnership with utmost confidence that you will not be disappointed. We offer our brand partners wholesale prices and we know that our premium quality products are going to add value to any business that we partner with.


We offer our brand partners some exclusive products and packaging to stock in store. Our convenient, resealable tubs are popular for a healthy snack on the go.

b2b portal

The new business to business portal means convenient and efficient online ordering for our brand partners. The portal includes individual log in for each of our customers for a custom experience.


We supply our brand partners with visual merchandising to promote our products around their store. This includes shelving, brand signage, posters and seasonal point of sale.

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Packaging Sizes

100g – 200g
100g – 200g
250g   |   375g   |   500g   |   750g   |   1kg

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Wholesale Enquiries

If you feel like your business would be a great fit with Orchard Valley, we’d love to have a chat!
Call: (03) 9354 0081 I Email: [email protected]

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